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How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World

The special event of Xmas is not only a church or even a Christian special event; it has become a worldwide and the most significant observance for the good of mankind. Even though Xmas commemoration varies slightly with each nation, the fundamental underlying emotions that come with the season such as joy, peace, and sharing is the same in most parts of the world.

Let us take look at how the season is commemorated in nations where Christianity isn't a main religion particularly this Christmas 2010.

Chinese Christmas
Christmas in China is a straightforward occasion. Their Christmas Decors are made of vibrant paper which in turn made into lanterns as well as chains. Kids hand the muslin stockings for Santa to fill it up with treats and toys. A Christmas tree is called "Trees of Light". Santa is known as "Dun Chi Lao Ren" which means the Old Guy of Xmas. Chinese people celebrate the growing season with scrumptious Chinese drink and food and they also honor their ancestors.

Christmas in Egypt.
In Egypt Xmas is celebrated in January 7th. They have a 40 day fast before the actual celebration however, only a few complete the 40 days but only start the fast a week before January 7. On the most awaited day, they wore their special clothes and go to church attend a special Christmas service. When the chimes sound at night it signifies the end of the service. Afterwards, they go home and have dinner with their family. Food at the table consists of boiled meat, garlic clove, bread, as well as rice. Upon Christmas morn, they go out to visit their relatives and friends and bring a special bread called "kaik".

An Iraqi Christmas
Iraqi Christians remembers Christmas distinctively. Children would gather in the courtyard to read the story of Christ's birth from an Arabic Bible. Then they light up their candles and set a fire in one corner. They believe that how the fire burn can tell how their future will unfold. They chant the Psalms then jump over the ashes three times and make their Christmas wish.

On Christmas day, Iraqi makes read or sang Psalms in the Church. The Bishops blesses each one by extending his hand over people and children's heads.

Lebanese Christmas
Lebanese people would plant wheat, beans, wheat, and chickpeas a few weeks before Christmas. The plants would grow just in time for it to be used as decoration around the nativity scene. Lebanese people would have fellowship with their family and friends. They would bring them special treats and presents. They would also prepare lunch and enjoy it with their love ones.

Christmas isn't just for Christian believers but for everybody as well. The universal message of love is strongly felt and practice during the season. Although companies would make use of the season through opening up their own Christmas shop and sell Christmas decoration or anything that would symbolize the season, still it's true which means which is the birth of Hope isn't completely missed within the celebrations.

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