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Print Media & Advertising Effects

    Specific Audiences

    • Print advertisements in newspapers and magazines are usually targeted to specific audiences. The key is to find the media outlets with the audience most likely to respond to the advertisement.


    • Print media, in general, is more affordable and flexible than electronic media and can be placed in more creative and relevant places. For example, a print ad for a food product can be effective if it is placed in a magazine that showcases dinner ideas and recipes.

    Local Ads

    • For local businesses, advertising through print media is significantly more cost-effective than television. One reason is that the ad will be seen only by audiences who have convenient access to the business.


    • Magazines and billboards can have a long exposure time. Magazines may be left around homes and offices for months before they are discarded. Billboards usually stay for lengthy periods of time.


    • The flexibility of print media placement can help build a brand image and awareness. For example, a poster of a clothing store in the mall may persuade shoppers to take a look at the merchandise while they are there.

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