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Why Do Managers Need To Adopt Process Management Approach?

Do you believe that your current management principles (governing people and projects) are sufficient enough to build a competent team? Are your key employees ready to address any major organisational changes at workplace? Does your management know how best can one introduce or implement necessary changes?

You are not sure, Right?

Firms need to revamp brick-and-mortar model

A lot of firms still believe that typical management regulations can ensure consistent output and uniformity in process. Unfortunately, it does not happen in reality. Without a good process management structure in place, managing projects and operations can never be successful and productive.

The result is - as and when regulatory changes appear in management functions, it affects workplace in many ways. The whole management suffers from uncertainties and loss of direction. Employees become distracted and frustrated by uncertainties of their work responsibilities. They refuse to accept new responsibilities and change accordingly.

Finally, it leads to poor work performance and frequent mistakes on job.

What is the need of hour?

Business managers need to identify repeatable processes in an organisation and then frame them to improve the outcome of a project. We live in the era of business uncertainties where new standards are being defined and improved everyday.

Therefore, process managers need to understand, implement and impart knowledge on strict processes so that team can work better. This raises the need for Business Process Modelling, an important part of Business Process Management system.

BPM (Business Process Management) is applied in three different levels - Software, System and Suite, depending on scope of control and the departmental structure. The focus is not only on software and IT applications but also to improve practice, policies and culture of an organisation. It is important that a work environment remains comfortable on the event of increased turnover.

Real-life example

Take an example of a service-based organisation that is into data centre operation. Even if the operation manager works diligently to drive his team of data centre operators and database analysts, without a process-centric approach on board, the team may not succeed at the end. When it comes to final reporting, auditing and forecasting - the performance measurement stages, possible chaos may negate their effort. The resultant is NIL.

Thus, a responsible manager is left behind with a number of To Do lists.

Here are a few of those sure to follow

1. Understand the team dynamics, complexities of IT system and urgent need of complete BPM solution.

2. Standard processes in operation and projects should be in place.

3. Had to have knowledge on each process area and thus ensure no one is blindly following them.

4. There has to be a clear documentation of every process and it should be available to every employee in circle.

5. Arrange training sessions for employees so that they understand the benefit of implementing process management tools.

6. Overcome negativities and implementing changes more comprehensively and quickly.

7. Automate manual processes, streamline inefficient processes and allow systems that can track and analyse the execution stage.

8. Enable BPM software and tools to take control of process-driven organisations. This is to ensure a business applies BPM practices across multiple departments, groups and all aspects, if needed.

The bottom line is - managers need to incorporate process management functions in their organisation and thus help management face change and challenges. Unfortunately, many enterprise managers are not aware of serious issues happening around them and therefore neglect this process management approach.

It is a high time that they consider automation leading to transparency and better accountability within the team.

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Why Do Managers Need To Adopt Process Management Approach?

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